Monday, May 9, 2011

Thank you for another great year!!!

The end of term 1 has finished here in Gulu and all primary teachers and students have returned home for holidays. It is also the end of the second phase of the Insight Peace Education Project. This year was instrumental in judging the need for a continued peace curriculum throughout Gulu. It was unanimous that the project has succeeded in the pilot stages and the local Ministry of Education agrees. “After years of insurgency, the need for peace education in our schools is essential,” says District Educational Officer in Gulu, Akena Caesar . Peace education is not just about the now, it is about the future and by maintaining this project, sustainable peace in northern Uganda is possible.

To commemorate this amazing accomplishment, all IPEP staff, volunteers, teachers, and their families from Police and Paicho Primary Schools came together for a celebratory dinner. Not only are these teachers changing the way children see themselves but they are changing the way they see the world as a whole. We wanted to make sure our teachers know how special and important they are in keeping northern Uganda a peaceful place. In addition, we recognized a pioneer teacher that has gone above and beyond his role in implementing the IPEP curriculum at Police Primary School. Komakec Romanson (pictured below with Educational Services Manager, Miriam Wertlieb) was awarded with the ‘teacher appreciation’ award for excellence in his contribution to IPEP. It is our hope that in the next year, IPEP will continue to train more teachers and teach even more primary-aged children in peace throughout Gulu.

We would again like to extend our thanks to all teachers and volunteers involved in the Insight Peace Education Project, because without you, the program could not have reached success!

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